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Everything you need to know about the technology that powers the largest kids marketing platform in the world. Use our products to deliver awesome content to kids worldwide, with the best user experience.

AwesomeAds is the only marketing platform built specifically for the data-privacy requirements of the global kids industry (COPPA-compliance by design with support for upcoming EU kids legislation). Facilitate and monetize on effective, compliant ad campaigns with our AwesomeAds technology.
Our Kids Web Services (KWS) platform provides a set of compliance-as-a-service tools that allows content creators to focus on their content. Tap into KWS components including parental verification, federated identity and loyalty to create awesome, safe user experiences with your content.
PopJam is the leading social content platform for the kids (under-13) market. A kid-safe, COPPA-compliant alternative to social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, PopJam operates as a curated, moderated, interactive content feed generated by brands, content owners and users. The Popjam SDK (Software Development Kit) lets you easily integrate a vibrant PopJam feed into your web or mobile application.

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